Support Erika’s Lighthouse in Kind and Volunteering

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At Erika’s Lighthouse, we believe in creating a more equitable and inclusive world around mental health. We want every student in every school to have access to mental health education programs that change the narrative around stigma, depression, and suicide. That is why all of our high-quality programs are provided to school communities completely free of charge. But we cannot do it without your help. There are many ways to help further the mission of Erika’s Lighthouse and bring programs to students nationwide, and making a financial donation is just one of many ways to help.

Other ways to support adolescent mental health through Erika’s Lighthouse include:
  1. Become a Community Ambassador – You know your neighborhood better than anyone, and you can use that expertise to help bring our programs to schools in your community. Our Community Ambassador program gives you the training and tools you need to reach out to educators and spread awareness about our mission. 
  2. Fundraise for us! – When you host a fundraising event for Erika’s Lighthouse, you are showing the people in your life that mental health matters. It is a wonderful way to spread awareness while raising funds to bring our programs to even more schools. You can host a dinner, invite friends to yoga, or do anything else – use your imagination!
  3. Reach out to your company or local foundation – Many companies have a foundation or grant program to support nonprofits and are more likely to support an organization if their employees recommend it. If you are able to help connect us to a company or local foundation, reach out to Meade Means, and she can help complete the application. 
  4. Facebook Fundraising – Use your network to spread the word about Erika’s Lighthouse. It is easy to set up a Facebook Fundraiser and show your community that you support adolescent mental health and are dedicated to making a real difference. 
  5. Join a Volunteer Committee – Advance the Erika’s Lighthouse mission using your unique skills and interests. We currently have three committees, Team Resilience Leadership, Development, and Marketing. When you join a volunteer committee, you are joining a group of dedicated professionals working together to support adolescent mental health. 
  6. Sponsor an Empowerment Club – Empowerment Clubs are student-run good mental health clubs. Students are given the resources and support they need to engage the whole school community in activities that reduce stigma, increase knowledge, and support mental health. When you become a sponsor, we will help establish a club in a school in your area. 
  7. Use the Family Engagement Resources – Our resources can help you learn how to support good mental health in your home. Our turn-key resources are an easy way to start talking about, and normalizing, mental health

In the last YRBS data from the CDC, an astounding 42% of all teens said they had experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, and 22% had seriously contemplated suicide. These are serious and alarming numbers, but there are steps we can take to help. Erika’s Lighthouse’s programs are Tier 1 school-based programs, meaning they are designed to impact every student in the school to increase mental health literacy, reduce stigma, and increase help-seeking. This proactive approach to student mental health helps reach students before there is a crisis and creates a school culture that supports students’ mental health. 

By making a donation of time or funds, you can take an active role in supporting adolescent mental health and make a real, immediate difference in the youth mental health crisis.