Program Evaluation Surveys and Their Impact

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What evaluations are included in Erika’s Lighthouse Programs?
Erika’s Lighthouse classroom education programs each come with the option to utilize pre-and/or post-evaluation surveys to accompany the lessons for students. For Level I (grades 4-6), links and QR codes are available at the start and end of Lesson 1 and Lesson 3. For Level II (grades 5-9) and Level III (grades 8-12), there is a QR code available in the respective Lesson 1 slideshow and Lesson 3 slideshow that you can share with your students to complete a simple and real-time survey. Pre and post-tests are available for students, while post-evaluations are for educators and the school mental health professionals involved in facilitating these lessons.

Theoretically, how do evaluations make an impact in schools?
If schools can evaluate their students’ performance in certain areas, they can then better adapt other important initiatives. Another way to put it, evaluating student performance allows for schools to know that programs they are using are effective and can provide evidence in order to make informed decisions. When it comes to empowering students around mental health in schools, having evidence that students are gaining knowledge can provide a good base for the school to invest in other initiatives that contribute to an inclusive school culture around mental health. In terms of Erika’s Lighthouse, if a school is successfully implementing Classroom Education, a good next step would be to move forward with implementing another one of the Four Pillars. All of this evidence-informed work can work together to create cultures in schools that will be beneficial to students, staff and families.

Pragmatically, how do evaluations make an impact in schools?
Schools and educators can get a broader understanding of how their students are learning about this topic. By offering surveys, we can see how students’ knowledge of depression and help-seeking increase (ideally) with the use of the Erika’s Lighthouse programs.

How do Evaluations fit into the Erika’s Lighthouse framework?
Our pre/post-program evaluations are designed to capture a well-rounded perspective of school mental health efforts and Erika’s Lighthouse classroom education’s role in supporting inclusive school cultures. By demonstrating students’ increase in knowledge about depression and help-seeking, schools can further implement other pillars to help build a stronger base around mental health culture.

How do schools get started?
Links to all evaluation surveys are available on the Resource Portal under each program’s section, while QR codes are available on both lesson slideshows and within the materials themselves.