We believe every student deserves good mental health.
You can make that a reality.

Anyone can make an impact on our mission. From students to corporate executives, everyday people are changing the world through Erika’s Lighthouse. Hosting a bake sale, running a marathon, sponsoring an Empowerment Club or golfing with friends – there are so many ways to join our movement of empathy and understanding.

Student Fundraising Center

Students can help other students!

Light A Beacon

Memorialize your loved one.

Shine a Light

Complete any fundraiser you wish!

Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook Fundraisers are a simple and easy way to raise funds These can be hosted for any reason, but are popular around birthdays. We have some social media templates you can use as well.

Be Creative

We would love to work with you on your own creative fundraising idea! Meade will be happy to discuss options to support your fundraising efforts.